Serverless solution to scan files in S3 with ClamAV.

Webcorp sought out David’s help because their system needed to be able to handle receiving hundreds of thousands of emails with CV attachments. Webcorp needed a scalable solution to scan the hundreds of thousands of attachments for viruses. David came up with a solution that was scalable and efficient, which saved Webcorp a lot of time and money.

David created a lambda function that could automatically scan attached files for viruses that were uploaded to Webcorp’s S3 server. David also ensured that the virus definitions were updated every single day, in order to maintain peak safety and security. One of the most significant features about the code that David designed was that the lambda function would scan in memory without having to rely on saving the file to disk. This had the advantage of being able to use the larger memory that the lambda has, rather than being limited to 500 MB available with an AWS server. When the code scales alongside the memory that’s available in lambda, you then have upwards of 3 gigs, which massively increases flexibility and ease-of-use.

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