Serverless solution to scan files in S3 with ClamAV.

The Webcorp company specializes in recruiting candidates across the world, and they were looking for a serverless solution to scan incoming CVs and files from candidates for viruses.

I helped them by creating a solution using two Lambda functions. One was responsible for pulling on a daily basis a new virus definition from a database, and the other was responsible for scanning the incoming files in S3. The scanning process was done all in memory which allowed not only the project to scale up and down as needed thanks to the serverless nature of Lambda, but the code itself was wirtten in a way that it was able to take advantage of future updateds to the lambda. If the lambda was gaining more memory the scanning process was able to handle bigger files.

The project started by beeing able to handle 2GB files, and as of writing this, it can handle 10GB files. The only thing the client has to do, is to update the lambda configuration to allow it the access to more memory, and the code will just take advantage of the newly avaiable memory.

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