Setup AWS with best practices in mind to speed up development.

The CEO of Vocatales created an educational platform that aims to reimagine vocabulary to aid learning. The setup was already running in AWS as a NVP but since the site was gaining popularity the project needed an overhaul from the AWS infrastructure stand point.

The CEO of the company asked me if I could help updating the stack design to bring it up to AWS best practices, and set it up for auto deployment and scalability.

Since this is my area of expertise I started working on the project immediately by creating a new CloudFormation file that included CodePipeline and CodeBuild for auto deployment. I then worked on an ECS setup to deliver the containers of the project in a auto scaling fashion.

I also helped the CEO understand AWS better by answering all of his questions and mentoring him about all the AWS best practices.

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David is a master DevOps Solutions Architect – one of the best on this platform. His understanding of the AWS ecosystem is just exemplary and the level of automation he helped me achieve in such a short amount of time is simply amazing. I will definitely return with more projects in future, and highly recommend David to anyone looking to add an accomplished solutions architect to your team.

G. G, CEO.

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