Setup AWS with best practices in mind to speed up development.

VocaTales is an educational platform that aims to reimagine vocabulary, and it needed to bring down costs and implement AWS best practices. VocaTales knew that its work was slower than what it could be and it was having a hard time adding new features without further increasing its workload. It knew that it needed someone to organize and simplify the process, and that’s exactly where David’s expertise came into play.

Expertise is required because a company can know that it has problems, but likely doesn’t know the right solutions. David had to approach VocaTales’ issues in a variety of ways. In order to codify the whole project, David created CloudFormation files that would also keep the project more organized and more easily deployable into multiple AWS account. Multiple AWS accounts is part of understanding AWS best practices and it is another way to keep a project organized. Multiple AWS accounts also means being able to test the product in development before it’s put into production.

David was also able to clean up a lot of VocaTales’ code so that it was easier to manage. Furthermore, David created multiple express JS applications for VocaTales’ homepage delivery, which made the homepage more easily indexed by Google and very SEO friendly.

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David is a master DevOps Solutions Architect – one of the best on this platform. His understanding of the AWS ecosystem is just exemplary and the level of automation he helped me achieve in such a short amount of time is simply amazing. I will definitely return with more projects in future, and highly recommend David to anyone looking to add an accomplished solutions architect to your team.

G. G, CEO.

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