Tonic HQ

Create many different Serverless solutions to manage 3th party services.

TonicHQ, a technology staffing company, was looking for a serverless solution to help them automate a lot of small procesess in the company workflow that were repetitive, prone to mistakes and plain old boring to keep doing manually.

The solution was to use API Gateway, Lambda, S3 and a CloudFormation file to create small self contained solution that would specialize in doing one small task for the befit of the whole project.

After automating dozens of dozens of these tasks the client was left with a solution that was easy to extend. Since he was technical enough himself, and the code was well organized and had lots of comments, he was able to apply small changes to match the slight adjustments in the work flow. With auto-deployment enabled, he didn't have to worry about how to push the new code the lambda. The whole process was automated.

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Building your staffing business through technology.

Company Testimonial

A pleasure to work with. Smart, a good communicator and gets the job done. An educator at heart, he's a stickler for the details and that's much appreciated. He wants to do things the right way, not the quickest way. Looking forward to working on future projects.

Dan Donathan, CEO.

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