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Create many different Serverless solutions to manage 3th party services.

TonicHQ, a process and technology staffing company, was well-versed in implementing new software and had a strong technical background, including a team of hired developers. It even had experience consulting its clients on software technologies, but its developers were not getting the job done and it needed an expert to handle some of the backend issues. David’s expertise proved vital for TonicHQ to streamline its data collection and more efficiently process uploading information. David helped TonicHQ better understand serverless, rewrote all of their code, and organized and implemented a series of custom lambdas.

David helped TonicHQ process incoming information in a way that made sense, because previously it could not receive different formats, like PDF or docx, when processing job applications, which was a massive inefficiency issue. David create multiple small lambdas to interact with third-party CRM to react to web hooks, grab data from the CRM, and fuse the data with existing information to save that data to interface with a different third-party. Other developers had written sloppy code that led to unstable lambdas, which meant very inconsistent performance. Inconsistency is not tolerable in today’s business environment.

David was able to stabilize TonicHQ’s backend by rewriting the code and organizing lambdas, which allowed TonicHQ’s customers to have greater peace of mind that TonicHQ would deliver as promised. Additionally, in order for TonicHQ to more easily manage the new set up that David implemented, David organized everything using multiple CloudFormation files.

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Building your staffing business through technology.

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A pleasure to work with. Smart, a good communicator and gets the job done. An educator at heart, he's a stickler for the details and that's much appreciated. He wants to do things the right way, not the quickest way. Looking forward to working on future projects.

Dan Donathan, CEO.

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