Write a server for IoT Devices and convert custom protocol in to a simple to use API.

Sequr (now part of Genea) is a Access Control product targeted at managing access to physical buildings like office spaces and sky skyscrapers. The company had a humble beginning where it started managing access in gated communities with a SMS solution to give temporary access to guests of the owners.

Soon they wanted to extend their offering by managing access to bigger buildings using the world renowned HID system. The only problem was the complexity of the product.

The access control system was designed in the late 90's. It communicated over a socket connection and with a very oddly designed protocol.

I was tasked to put a modern RESTfull API in front of the device to allow any developer to easily interact with the device anywhere in the world. The solution came down to a custom NodeJS server where the devices would connect, and the custom server would accept incoming API request and translate them on the fly in the archaic protocol to be sent to the selected device.

The solution is working still to this day allowing the client to keep growing, and managing more buildings without the need of any type of modification to the architecture.

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Cloud based physical-access control.

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