Write a server for IoT Devices and convert custom protocol in to a simple to use API.

Sequir was struggling to keep up with protocol to manage thousands of devices that controlled electronic access to doors, keypads, and other security protocol. Sequir was using technology that was outdated, and it needed an expert that understood low level protocols, how network sockets worked, and specifically how sockets worked in NodeJS. Sequir also needed its server to be able to handle these tens of thousands of devices.

David was able to come in and handle the complex challenges facing Sequir. Because Sequir’s technology was so outdated, David had to start from scratch and create a server written in NodeJs that could interact with the more archaic IoT devices. He also had to convert Sequir’s old protocol into a standardized API, both of which would allow front-end developers to more easily interact with Sequir’s thousands of devices.

It took considerable time to develop the protocol because of the complexity of the project and the sensitive nature of Sequir’s client devices. When David was finished, Sequir had a dashboard where it was better able to manage its devices. Now any IoT device could connect to an EC2 instance, be acknowledged by the custom AWS server that David wrote, and be exposed over an API.

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Cloud based physical-access control.

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