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Setup a serverless pipeline to convert security logs at scale.

Security7 was in need of an expert to help it handle the constant stream of security logs for its many clients. Without knowing how to best handle and store these logs, Security7 was wasting more and more time and money. David was able to come in and expertly manage Security7’s previously costly and inefficient way of dealing with its logs, and David also recognized how his products and services could save Security7 a lot of time and money.

One of the first steps David took was to create a serverless project in order to process Security7’s security logs for its clients. David did this by codifying the whole project into a CloudFormation file to allow the logs to be more easily managed and redeployed. Another necessary step that required David’s expertise was using a lambda function to allow client logs to be automatically converted so that they could be cross-utilized by different types of servers. The cross-utilization between servers is far more effective in allowing Security7 to collect logs across different processes.

Lastly, Security7 needed a way to repurpose a solution to use for multiple of their clients, and so David created the set up for Security7 also using CloudFormation files. David used CloudFormation files, which are nothing more than a JSON file or multiple JSON files, with his unique Grapes framework to make the solution easily deployable to Security7 clients and that would allow the solution to be repurposed over and over for different clients.

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Managed Cybersecurity Services.

Company Testimonial

David's work was top notch! His code was well written, incredibly well documented and very thorough. His knowledge of AWS platform was exceptional and he was able to build a robust open source set of Lambda functions for us that we intend to expand upon in the future.

Brian Thomas, CTO.

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