Security 7

Setup a serverless pipeline to convert security logs at scale.

Security7 is a company focused on helping other businesses secure their systems by monitoring their infrastructure and logs, while auditing and providing consultation about best practices.

One of Security7's main focuses is log analysis, and they were looking for a serverless solution to standardize the format in which those logs were being proceed since the data was coming from multiple sources, in multiple formats and data structures.

The whole setup was composed of an API Gateway endpoint and one lambda, that had multiple modules to handle the different incoming formats. This aspect was crucial to allow flexibility and extendibility of the code for any future changes in the log formats.

The whole project was codified in a CloudFormation file that allowed the client to deploy the solution across multiple accounts with ease.

Company Info

Managed Cybersecurity Services.

Company Testimonial

David's work was top notch! His code was well written, incredibly well documented and very thorough. His knowledge of AWS platform was exceptional and he was able to build a robust open source set of Lambda functions for us that we intend to expand upon in the future.

Brian Thomas, CTO.

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