Marine Central

Reorganize the whole AWS infrastructure and stabilize the product.

The Marine Central website is a catalog of services related to the marine world, where you can rent boats, find a captain or crew and find a service related to the marine world.

The website was up and running already but was struggling with reliability. The site was often down, and was not scaling properly in AWS. My job was to make the site stable, and help with code quality since every time the team added a new feature, they would unintentionally break something else.

To solve these two problems I put the code in a Docker container and use AWS ECS to host those containers with the correct auto scaling setup. The goal of this solution was to fix auto scaling but also prevent the developers from having direct access to the server and directly fixing issues within the production server. This way they were forced to test their work using a Docker container in their local environment before pushing the changes in to the world. It took the developers few weeks to get used to the idea but eventually they recognized the benefit, and were happy to work with the added security.

After this point the client had less worries about new features breaking other ones, and he had the peace of mind knowing that the website would grow with the new influx of clients and customers.

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Marine Services Database for all sailors.

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