Video editing rig in the cloud with Nvidia Cuda.

The clinic Atkins Sinus are experts aiding in fixing sinus problems. They are always at the lookout for technologies that can help them provide better care and share knowledge and information to their patients. They decided to invest in making videos showcasing operations, insight in the most common problems and generally helpful information for anyone interested in listening.

Turns out that editing videos is not as easy as it seems, you need a powerful machine to edit 4k videos and then render them in the final form; their office computers did struggle with this task. Dr. James decided to see if it is possible to host a video editing rig in the Cloud, and tasked me to research if this was even possible.

Since AWS has CUDA cards by Nvidia I decided to setup a Windows Server instance with Adobe Premiere. For secure access and an easy way to upload and download video files I setup a Samba server within the private subnet of the video editing rig. This was tied it all together with a OpenVPN server to allow anyone in the office to access the private resources.

With this solution Dr. James Atkins was able to connect to the VPN, mount the Samba server on his local machine, upload files, edit them in the cloud and download the rendered videos with ease.

As an addition to preserve costs, I made a AWS Lambda ran every 30 minutes and checked the CPU load on the Windows Server. If the percentage was bellow 4% the lambda was set to shut down the server, and thus preserve costs.

With a simple desktop app anyone in the office was able to turn on the server when needed and thus the clinic was being charged for the video editing rig only when they were using it.

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Expert Sinus Care. Your Solution for Sinus Problems.

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His knowledge of Amazon Web services, all of their features and capabilities is amazing. He is incredibly responsive. He gives me daily updates in great detail. His ingenuity is unparalleled. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. If you have anything at all that needs to be run on Amazon Web services or any of their affiliated businesses this is the person for you.

James Atkins, CEO.

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