Applied Behavioral Finance

Fintech portal for Advisors and Investors based 100% on Serverless.

Applied Behavior Finance is a fintech product built 100% on top of the AWS Serverless technology. The reason for this approach was to preserve costs in the initial stages when the project was gaining popularity, and then as more user were signing up the client didn't want to have to worry about scalability, managing servers and worrying that something might stop working due to occasional spikes.

The whole project was built using:

  • AWS Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • DynamoDB Triggers
  • CloudWatch
  • CloudWatch Events
  • SQS
  • API Gateway
  • CloudFront
  • Route53
  • CodePipeline
  • CodeBuild
  • S3

Everything was tied together using multiple CloudFormation files to stay organized and easily track any changes over time. This provides the added benefit of being able to deploy the same stack in different environments.

In addition the developers got a simple to use environment to work in since they didn't have to worry about the infrastructure. Using CodePipeline each GitHub repository was set to auto-deployment any time new code was being added to selected branches. This way developer could focus on what they know best, and let the stack do its thing.

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