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Applied Behavior Finance is a finance tech company that needed someone to design its infrastructure and keep the technical side of its business as organized as possible. The reason that such a company like ABF needs to seek out an expert with extended experience is because it might not be difficult to envision what the outcome should be, but it takes a lot of experience to know what products and services should be used to best achieve the client’s goal.

ABF knew it needed expert guidance, and that’s where David entered into the picture. David started from scratch when ABF had nothing in place. David designed the whole AWS infrastructure and implemented the design using CloudFormation files. Every step taken by David had to be carefully planned for adaptability towards the future and for security because of the sensitivity of ABF’s financial services. Therefore, David designed the whole project using serverless technologies and helped train the front-end developers how to better work with serverless. He also wrote and implemented the back-end code using Node.js.

The project ran smoothly with David using DynamoDB and S3 cloud servers. DynamoDB is great for storing data and S3 is great for storing data that is not accessed as often. One of the biggest jobs David had was to make sure that the DynamoDB data server made sense for ABF users, was efficient, and was fast. The triggering system with DynamoDB service allows for minimal front end interaction with backend development.

It is no small things to set up services the right way to allow for minimal front end interaction, and it requires complex code builds and lambda functions to compute on the back-end. Such a setup is necessary to allow everything to stay neatly organized and also allow front end developers to focus more on making sure the website features are working correctly, rather than having to worry about what’s happening on the back-end. A properly set up and coded back-end means the back-end developer can more easily can create users, create customer accounts, create accounts on another third-party server, and create a third-party avatar; while the front-end developer can just focus on adding or deleting a user based on the back-end code.

David also made sure ABF’s whole AWS set up was broken down into separate AWS accounts, which enhances security. That way all user access can also be managed by CloudFormation files, which limits employee access to only the infrastructure that an employee needs to access. Another key feature is that David wrote the AWS stacks into multiple CloudFormation files as another way of keeping everything organized to make it easier to update, allow expandability, and better manage.

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